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Earth 2068. The new Golden Era. We have survived WWIII; losing three mid-eastern countries in nuclear war and narrowly avoiding the total destruction of the planet. This has in turn birthed a Universal government. World leaders are cloned to insure their continuation and past leaders from across the globe can be seen, frozen, at museums across the world. Whole populations now reside in underwater cities; towns and rural areas have merged over the centuries into neighboring major cities and suburbs, with only a few corporate farms breaking their conjunction. A third of America now lays unpopulated. Continents connect each other by Inter-Continental bridges stretching from shore to shore.

Meteor showers are becoming commonplace as the Trapezium cluster of the Orion Nebula begins to supernova. At least one meteor strike has been reported each month across the nations, destroying landmarks and homes in its path. The Hawaiian Islands have become a modern day Pompeii after an underwater volcano violently erupted in 2049, causing a chain reaction in the islands above ground volcanoes and destroying them entirely.

Hollywood has reverted back to its 1930’s glamour. Actors and actresses are idolized and culture has become molded by the lifestyles and characters that they portray. The times have become remniscent of a post WWII world flooded with technology. There is a return of glamour, and a longing to escape the fears and devistation that plague the world.

The medicinal arts have vastly improved, although the practice has remained much the same. Cancers and STDs that once plagued the population can now be controlled and in most cases, cured. The risk of birth defects, chronic illnesses, and genetic deformations can be pinpointed and extracted from a fetus’s DNA before any threat is posed. Post-war fear of biological warfare and prejudices are reshaping culture on it's own. In-vitro fertilization has also become increasingly popular in both America and Europe, although they have been enemies since the war.

In this world ruled by technology and only a solitary government the faces of the people are bland and uniform. A genetic ‘weeding out’ of defects and unattractive qualities has begun in the United States and Europe. Those who are not part of the herd have scattered from society into hiding. They live on the edges of the unknown, and they are stirring. There is talk of a child, an ancient prophecy about to take place, the dawning of a new era. Plans are being plotted and preparations being made; all while the universe sleeps unknowingly.

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